About The Reagans

The Reagan Era is a Luxury Streetwear brand producing uniquely styled garments and accessories. Our Goal is to bridge the gap between Politics and StreetLife through Fashion. The Reagan Era was a very pivotal point in the United States history. The Reagan administration of 1981-1989 set fourth a large stumble in the social and economic status of the lower income citizens of most major cities. This country has never been the same. We hope to make a positive change in the streetwear culture the same way THE REAGANS brought change in our country 

Who are The Reagans?

The Reagans are a group of like minded artists as well as art-lovers who know the ills of life struggles and strive to overcome them. 

Who Designs Reagan Era Clothing?

The Head Designer and Creative Director of the brand has extensive knowledge of the fashion industry. He has {Ghost} produced and designed for an array of clothing lines as well as {Ghost} produced custom garments for a long list of celebrity clients through his custom apparel company LE365. We say ghost because most stylists and clothing lines don't want the celeb or consumer to know they outsourced work to him in order to keep the credit to themselves. Quality over quantity has always been a motto of our designer. He started this company to rise from the shadows and to illuminate the quality and craftsmanship that has been in the industry for over a decade while putting the credit where it belongs, as well as offer an alternative to status quo fashion. His name is Ronald E. Reagan.